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Security link to make sure not to forget the baby in the car!


At Angel 4 Ever, safety has always been part of our culture. We believe that family is at the forefront of the concerns that today's parents may have.   

We believe that creating the right balance between the various activities in which family members are engaged is critical to developing a flourishing and healthy society.    

To strike that balance, we believe that everyone should continue to develop knowing that they can count on one another and grow up in a safe environment.   

To achieve this, Angel 4 Ever offers a safety tool to keep babies and children safe in cars. Our BB Life Saver, which is extremely simple to use, is easy to install in any vehicle and provides an incredible yet highly effective visual tool to the driver to protect the most precious person in their life.   

It is a versatile tool that is absolutely essential to any parent for whom the safety of their children always comes first. These children will grow up and develop in a safe and secure environment. 

Don't wait any longer to keep your children safe!

René Tousignant,

President and Grandfather of 4 precious little



Why BB Life Saver?


The purpose of installing the safety strap in the car door is to refocus the driver's thoughts on their child or children when getting out of the vehicle.

Nowadays, workers use safety devices to avoid work-related accidents. Firefighters use their fire hoses to find their way in case of distress. Even astronauts use a security device connected to the space station when going out into space.

When seated in the car seat on the back seat of the car, babies are left on their own. The BB Life Saver is designed to address this issue



5 x BB Life Saver

5 x BB Life Saver


Group Package. Purchase safety straps together and save even more with other parents.

40.00$ 75.00$

3 x BB Life Saver

3 x BB Life Saver


Family Pack.  A set of three (3) safety straps to protect your baby or child in all vehicles in wh..

27.00$ 45.00$

1  BB Life Saver

1 BB Life Saver


*****FREE SHIPPING*****.  The safety strap is made of red fabric, multifunctional, 2 cm wide by 90..

10.00$ 15.00$